Din nefericire rezultatele vorbesc de la sine. Unul din antrenorii care va intra in istoria clublui doar prin prisma recordurilor rusinoase.
Cosmarul de a deveni Arsenal 2.0 este aproape sa se adevereasca.

This😧”Fuck sarriball” #sarriout #chelsea pic.twitter.com/48FlCJHrbX

— jose chavez aka chabelo (@jacv_06) February 18, 2019



Sarri wants to be sacked. Which manager in their right mind subs on DAVIDE ZAPPACOSTA, a Championship level player, as their last sub when they’re 2-0 fucking down. The most stubborn manager Chelsea has had. #SarriOut

— • (@Chelsea_Related) February 18, 2019

Listen to this. Fuck Sarri Ball #CFC #Chelsea pic.twitter.com/d7144mYopI

— Dan (@ITZDANNNO) February 18, 2019

Ole gave a handshake to Callum Hudson-Odoi, even he knows #SarriOut

— 🙁 (@ampaducfc) February 18, 2019

Arsenal 2 – 0 Chelsea
Changes nothing

Bournemouth 4 – 0 Chelsea
Changes nothing

City 6 – 0 Chelsea
Still kicks off the exact same fucking way and as expected CHANGES NOTHING.

Animals instinctively adapt to their environments, if Sarri is incapable of that then #SarriOut

— Calteckers CFC (@Calteckers20) February 18, 2019


Wait zappacosta for azpi while we are two goals down. Jesus Christ of Nazareth who did we offend. What’s the price of our sin please weigh it please #SarriOut

— Hank (@JnrVal) February 18, 2019

Don't blame anyone but Sarri for this… He is the one who keeps picking the same unmotivated and useless players . He had one full week to prepare and this is the shit he prepared.. #SarriOut

— Chelsea4Life (@thomaskjoseph) February 10, 2019

Get us Frankie Lampard.

Why didn't you just faint like Wenger #SarriOut pic.twitter.com/buXd8di7bb

— Collins JR (@Collins_JR35) February 10, 2019

Oh would you look at that, it's time for you to leave Maurizio #Sarri #sarriout pic.twitter.com/0RKA3U2l2o

— oh no Mo Mo (@RealMo_Jo) February 10, 2019

60 million passes, no penetration. Fuck off with your Sarri ball

— Desmond (@parlenzy77) February 18, 2019